Kim and Kourtney Kardashian in Political

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Between its display of the validity, film career, and “Dancing with Stars” the cabriolet, a Kim Kardashian was the occupied girl. But last night it occupied time to support understanding of the voter in “to the Rock Voting” a cheerful party with dances.

“The Disaster cinema” hottie has reached Esquire Houses on the Hollywood Hills decorated to make impression in style of hippie upon Paisley the printed top with fringed a black waistcoat with jeans and high a hip black boots as it posed with sister of a Kourtney.
The Kim has told recently to a press, that its experience DWTS has helped its canopy some pounds and tones up, all time resolving it to hold its known curves.

“You use various muscles. I definitely touch the adjustment of feet. It is really good to mix it and to make something another. My friend (NFL star Reggie Bush) learnt to me many educational maneuvers of weight, that I did not do before. I really wish to be adjusted. You wish to look good, when you on a vacation in a bathing suit.”


Kim Kardashian Keeps On Dancing

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She’s starting to resemble  Katie Holmes with her daily practice schedule. And  Kim Kardashian was spotted once again arriving at dance practice earlier today (September 10).

Meeting up with her “Dancing With the Stars” partner Mark Ballas, the “Disaster Movie” actress looked cute in a white top with a black and white scarf teamed with a pair of black yoga pants and black flip flops.

And once her “Dancing With the Stars” gig is over, don’t be surprised if you see Miss Kardashian headed down the pop music road. According to a recent interview, she’s been thinking about a singing career.

She told press, “I would be down with [launching a singing career], if it was something fun. I love music, so it would just have to be the right thing. I would love to work with Timbaland as a producer and maybe Justin Timberlake. [But] There’s nothing in the works now.”

Enjoy the pictures of Kim Kardashian out for another day of dance practice.

Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush Usher In 2008

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If you happened to be in South Beach Miami last night, you may have seen some dirty dancing courtesy of socialite  Kim Kardashian and NFL stud Reggie Bush.

The party-ready pair made the most of the last night of the year at hot spot Mansion.  The “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” starlet wore an amazing yellow-orange-brown and white party dress, with gold bangles.

Meanwhile, Reggie sported a three-piece-suit, sans jacket, and some serious ear-bling.  And between the two of them, there was enough bumping and grinding to make R Kelly blush.

Reportedly last night was a paying gig for Kim, as she received $75,000 for her hosting duties at the, “posh nightclub which sports two levels featuring six bars, the Ivy Room, the Library, dance floor, and mezzanine with a capacity for 2,500 guests in the heart of South Beach on Miami’s colorful Washington Avenue.”

Enjoy the pictures of Kim, Reggie and the gang partying it up at Mansion last night.

Good Plastic Surgery – Kim Kardashian’s Porn Star Makeover

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A kind reader sent us this photo of Kim Kardashian, which shows how she used to look and how she looks now. She apparently had the porn star makeover: new breasts, ass implants, and lip collagen.

Admittedly, she does look good. But are there other much hotter adult entertainers? You betcha!!

Kim Kardashian butt

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All you guys talk about how sexy her ass is, it’s too big for my taste though so anyways. She’s a good looking chick and all but if your that dumb to realize her a$$ is fake then you need help dude forreal. Why do you think she barely wears pants or jeans because her ass looks retarted in it. Her legs and thighs are far too thin for her hass to be that big. But I wanted to say something about it because her a$$ aint nothing special. + heres some proof
At first I was put off by her curviness…not only for the massive size of her booty, but also because I heard rumours that she had surgery to make it bigger.

But soon I gave in and I am now admiring this woman’s fine bottom. I agree with MrBadguy. I know a lot of people like her butt, but I don’t think it looks good. She looks AMAZING in that before picture with the jeans. So much skinnier and just more real.Kim’s breasts and butt are real. Her body filled out as she got older. You can tell when she wears a bikini. You can really tell when she lays on her stomach to get the cellulite removal treatment. What does getting cellulite removed have anything to do with having a fake butt?

The thing that annoyed me was during the eppy of “KUWTK”, her sister Khloe says “when you have a big butt, you get cellulite”. WRONG! I have a huge booty and I have zero cellulite. I may have one or two stretch marks, but absolutely no cellulite. Ki-Toy Johnson from the OutKast videos has a butt that would put Kim’s to shame and she doesn’t have cellulite, either. A big butt does not equate cellulite. Kim has had cellulite even when she didn’t have a butt, but i’m guessing Paris never said anything about it because they were still friends at the time and because her butt was nothing special and she was a bit smaller.

Cellulite and BEFORE pictures of Kim with no butt (please compare jean photos with jean photos, stretch dresses with other stretch dresses in the AFTER section): 3.jpg 0718.jpg 0719.jpg 00704.jpg dashian-123.jpg” ashian7.jpg dashian-123.jpg g .jpg kardashian_09.jpg gehohg06pbefore.jpg 596_127258_8425.jpg kcanbefore.jpg isstripesbefore.jpg before.jpg .jpg
Sorry, but it’s my duty to expose the fake booty! LMAO, I have to give her credit though because she

A. Credited her body to her Armenian heritage knowing how stupid Americans are, as if this were the truth. Please, you lied about having a sex tape, then when you saw you could make a pretty penny, you got $5 million and said you had nothing to do with the distribution (another lie) and you expect me to believe that your ass is real? I wasn’t born yesterday, and even I were, hypothetically speaking, it wasn’t last night, try again. I know how Armenian chicks look….case in point, Cher. TRY AGAIN, KIM.

B. Says she has a big butt because she works out and does squats and dead lifts. Once again, please. Chicks like Fergie, Jessica Biel, Jessica Alba, Ki-Toy Johnson work out. And the evidence of that is visible. This chick hasn’t worked out a day in her life, and if she has, not enough to get those results. I’ve seen her complaining about running on a treadmill. Imagine her doing 20 reps of dead lifts. Yeah right. I’ve seen the sex tape, Kim, you’re L-A-Z-Y.

The reason why I know it’s fake is because Kim did not have any projection in her butt prior to the sex tape, etc. After the tape was released, she had surgery done and viola! Projection. You can also see the dents in some of her pictures. Maybe she should asked for a smaller implant, perhaps it would have been more believable. A lot of you are saying that her body has filled out since the sex tape, naturally. I am guessing that sex tape was made at most 2-3 years ago. Kim is 27. You do not hit puberty when you are 24, sorry. TRY AGAIN.

Does she ever date white guys ?????

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Supposedly she is dating actor Terence Howard and the sex tape boyfriend is also black….so does she ever date white guys.

God Bless any lucky guy who dates her….What I read is that they thought Terence Howard’s girlfriend, current Miss USA Rachel Smith, was Kim.
No, she was married to a black football player in the past.
Dating/screwing black guys is a fad now, a “cool” thing if you will. Ever stupid chick wants to think she is with a “gangsta”. But in reality and in kims case its usually just some bottom feeding nobody.
Do you always miss the point in favor of trying to start arguments on this board or are just completely stupid? I have no reason to be insecure, I’ve made it with just as many black girls as white. BTW why do stupid people think Blacks are almighty beings and that every other ethnic group is insecure & jealous of them?

seeing as the majority of black men( non celebs ) date/screw/marry very fat women I don’t see them being able to handle anything under 250lbs. Probably couldn’t even last a minute with anything under 250lbs, just not FAT enough.
What do you mean,a fad? Women of all colors have been kickin’ it with black men since they were brought to this country in chains, so there ain’t nothing even new or faddish about it, and not all black men are even interested in being “gangstas” or “wannabe” gangsters. Let’s be real–if she was getting her swerve on with a white guy in the tape, would you even be complaining about it? Hell,naw,you wouldn’t. So be quiet with your obviously racist self.BRian, just because you’ve “made it” with just as many black girls as white, doesn’t take away from the fact that you’re obviously a one-sided bigot. Get over it! She doesn’t like pink meat! MOVE ON!
In an interview Kim stated that her dream guy was George Clooney. Furthermore, she also thougth David Beckum was extreamly handsome. I think she likes handsome men period, black, white or whatever.
Maybe its because of her body type. She probably attracts more black men because she’s really curvy, and has a big ass, and most black men like that more than white guys. Some white guys don’t really appreciate curves like that like black men do, and would probably make her feel insecure about it.

And I don’t know, maybe that’s black is her preference too. But who really cares???

America is so obsessed with race. Who cares who she dates? It’s none of your business anyway.She would if she met me. =P Na seriously lol, im a good looking dude, i’m a fitness guru and i can bench a good amount. My abs’s are toned and my body is lean. I think she would dig me if we met. Could happen.. Maybe..
I never quite understood why it’s so imperative for some to stress on the color of those whom other people date. For instance, how less likely is it that we’d hear people asking “So, does she only date/make out with WHITE guys?” — provided Kim was married to one, or seen in a sex video with one? Not that her choice in the color of her partners matters, to me anyway, but there seems this obsession with keying in, so to speak, with excessive interests when a decidedly attractive, lighter skinned person dates one of substantially darker complexion. There usually accompanies with that harsh attacks on the ways the lighter skinned individual was brought up, lives his/her life, ect. — specifically including claims that say the person in question is just a wanna-be, sell-out, w.i-g.g-e.r, desperate, or acting Black.

Why instead could it not just be that a person, like the lovely Kim Kardashian, was just with another person, whether he’s a hothead that you’ve read about, or a cool guy just the same? It just seems entirely irrelevant to express that someone is a color, as in — “Oh, do you know she has BLACK boyfriends?”

Sorry, but I’d imagine the dude has a name on his birth certificate, and it is highly likely the media does not put “N*_i-G/G*_E-R*,” “All C.-_o.o-n Anderson,” or “That Next BLACK Negative Stat” as his name, when / if they speak of him in articles where he and Kim are brought up / seen together.Yes she has. Nick Lachey and Simon Rex but she prefers Black men.